Dragon Audio recently launched the new YM, possibly the most accurate, revealing and technologically advanced recording monitor ever made. This is a bold statement, but the YM is an incredibly bold speaker. 


The YM is a 3-way active system with 4 drive units housed in sealed enclosures spanning 40Hz to 22kHz with vanishingly low distortion and ultra-fast transient response. The AMT tweeter is incredibly detailed and produces very wide dispersion out to its highest frequencies. The new 5.25″ midbass features aphalanx of advanced technology, yielding midrange detail that rivals any driver on the planet.

  • Type:
    3-way studio reference monitors
  • Subwoofers:
    2 x 8-inch composite with high-density rubber surround
  • Midbass:
    5.25-inch Kevlar curved cone
  • Subwoofer Amplifier Power
    200W RMS
  • Midbass Amplifier Power
    100W RMS
  • Tweeter Amplifier Power
    30W RMS
  • Frequency Response
    40Hz -22KHz (+/-3dB)
  • Crossover Frequency
    200Hz / 3KHz
  • Peak SPL at 1M
  • Analog
    XLR balanced input; TRS balanced/unbalanced input; RCA unbalance input;Input Impedance: 20K Ohms(balanced)/10K Ohms(unbalanced)
  • Digital
    XLR female input: AES/EBU; RCA input: S/PDIF; RCA output: S/PDIF THRU; Input Impedance=110 Ohms
  • Input Select
    Digital or Analog
  • Channel Select
    Left or Right (only Digital input)
  • SUB Switch
    -2dB, 0dB, +2dB
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