The DX10S features a 240-watt internal amplifier in a compact, convenient package that drives a 10" composite driver that produces full, tight bass response for accurate listening. Speaking of accurate listening it also features a defeat switch that enables you to A/B your mixes with and without subwoofer. The DX10S audio speaker is suited perfectly for either 2-channel stereo or multichannel surround monitoring environments and is designed to integrate with any powered direct-field studio monitors. The DX10S even includes a subwoofer bypass function so you can judge how a mix will sound without a dedicated subwoofer controllable via the included sustain pedal. Great for smaller computer-based studios, it is also video shielded for use near CRTs. So, if you´re looking for a bass-boost in your stereo or surround mixes, take the DX10S for a spin - you won´t be disappointed!


The DX10S active subwoofer delivers the kind of bass response necessary for today´s music, film, and multimedia projects - at a much lower price point! The DX10S accommodates the stereo outputs from a mixer, and the users´ main monitors then connect to outputs on the sub. The DX10S includes a subwoofer defeat function that completely removes the subwoofer amp, speaker, and crossover from the signal path-sending the full-bandwidth program to the connected direct-field monitors. By plugging the included SP-1 non-latching footswitch into the footswitch input on the back of the DX10S, users can control this function dynamically while playing back material-even from across the room. 

  • Description:
    10‘’ Active subwoofer
  • Amplifier:
    Class AB 240W RMS
  • Inputs:
  • Maximum input level:
  • Phase Switch:
    0° or 180°
  • Low-pass Filter Frequency:
  • Frequency Response:
  • Ground Switch:
  • Measurements:
  • Voltage:
    100-120V~T4AL 50Hz/60Hz、220-240V~T2AL 50Hz/60Hz
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