3-Way Portable Powered Column PA System

DPA10 is ideal for DJs, musicians, entertainment venues, and corporate presenters. It’s the perfect solution for a full-featured column PA that’s ideal for all applications.

The DPA10 all-in-one powered PA features an acoustically optimized column array featuring a full suite of professional DSP, class-leading audio connectivity, Bluetooth functionality control. And the mixer is installed into the sub and has clear controls for tweaking the microphone inputs, Bluetooth source or auxiliary source. With a 700W of peak power, custom drivers and 10” subwoofer, DPA10 has plenty of headroom. You’ll enjoy crystal-clear, room-filling sound.

The built-in 6-channel digital mixer makes it easy to dial in your optimal sound in minutes with full control over levels, EQ, reverb, and more via physical knobs or wireless on your phone. You can even stream music or backing tracks via any Bluetooth-enabled device. It’s perfect for solo acts, bands, corporate events, schools, and more. Whether playing small or large gigs, or even just making an exciting announcement at a party between songs, clear sound is important.

DPA10 offers a simple solution to not only the less tech savvy who need a PA system handy for events, but also satisfies the needs and requirements of the most particular of us. 

Description:3-Way Portable Powered Column PA System
LF driver:10-inch
MF drivers:4 x 3-inch
HF driver:1-inch
Frequency Response:38Hz-20KHz
Crossover Frequency:300Hz / 3KHz
Amplifier:Class D
System Power Amplifier:700 W peak
LF Power Amplifier:400 W peak
MF Power Amplifier:200 W peak
HF Power Amplifier:100 W peak
Bluetooth Standard:V5.0
Channel 1&2 Input:XLR & 1/4-inch Combi-jack
Channel 1&2 Controls:High EQ: +10/-10dB @ 10KHz
Low EQ: +10/-10dB @ 100Hz
Reverb Levels: 0%(off) to 100%(max)
Level: -∞ to +10dB
Line (Mic)/Hi-Z(Guitar) Switch
Channel 3&4 Input:1/4-inch TRS or 1/4-inch TS
Channel 3&4 Controls:Level: -∞ to +10dB
Channel 5&6 Input:1/8-inch AUX, Bluetooth battery 
Channel 5&6 Controls:Level: -∞ to +10dB
Bluetooth Pairing Button
Master Level Control:-∞ to +10dB
EQ Mode Button:Music,Speech,Live
Reverb Button:Off, Small room, Medium room, Large room
Mix Out:XLR
USB Charge:5V (USB-A & USB-C charging ports)
Battery Life:10 Hours (50% volume)
Voltage:100-240V~, 50/60Hz

  • Description:
    3-Way Portable Powered Column PA System
  • Frequency Response:
  • Crossover Frequency:
    300Hz / 3KHz
  • Amplifier:
    Class D
  • System Power Amplifier:
    700 W peak
  • LF Power Amplifier:
    400 W peak
  • MF Power Amplifier:
    200 W peak
  • HF Power Amplifier:
    100 W peak
  • Bluetooth Standard:
  • Battery Life:
    10 Hours (50% volume)
  • Voltage:
    100-240V~, 50/60Hz
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