TAO4E / TAO4 / TAO6E / TAO6 / TAO6V / TAO7
TAO4E / TAO4 / TAO6E / TAO6 / TAO6V / TAO7

Active 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker System

TAO series delivers a level of detail and sensitivity that reveals things you didn’t know in your music before. It translates your music in a way that feels natural and accurate without the fatigue that other speakers bring to after long hours listenning. You can experience the unmatched clarity, accuracy excellent performance from TAO series.

TAO series produces a nice deep sound and give more surrounded hearing feeling. Frequency response is amazingly smooth moving from one end to the other. With sweet and crisp treble, accurate mediant and deep bass.


-AMT (Air Motion Transformer) design provides a wide soundstage and amazing transient response;

-The woofer offers fast transient recovery for incredibly accurate low frequency response;

-Specially designed internal bracing adds stiffness to reduce distortion and enhanced clarity;

-Include customer acoustic isolation pad to reduce unwanted resonance and improve bass response;

-Black/white/red/silver/yellow or any colors, matte or piano painting finish and PVC for a fency look;


Equipped with an integrated phonopreamp, TAO6V can be easily connected to any vintage or modern day turntable.

HF Driver: Air Motion Transformer 1x0.75´´ silk dome 1x1´´ silk dome
LF Driver: 1x4´´(Aluminum concave cone) 1x4´´(Paper concave cone) 1x5.25´´(Paper concave cone)
Bluetooth: Standard V4.0 with aptX Standard V5.2 Standard V5.2
Cabinet: Piano painting finish High-end PVC High-end PVC
Input: 3.5mm Stereo; RCA; Optical 1&2; Bluetooth 3.5mm Stereo; Bluetooth 3.5mm Stereo; Bluetooth
Frequency Response: 50Hz-30KHz 50Hz-22KHz 42Hz-22KHz
Amplifier Power: 2x30W 2x30W 2x50W
Remote Control: Yes NO NO
Size: W140xH205xD190mm W140xH205xD190mm W178*H272.5*D216mm

HF Driver:Air Motion TransformerAir Motion TransformerAir Motion Transformer
LF Driver:1x5.25´´(Aluminum concave cone)1x5.25´´(Aluminum concave cone)1x6.5´´(Aluminum concave cone)
Bluetooth:Standard V5.3 with aptXStandard V5.3 with aptXStandard V5.3 with aptX
Cabinet:Piano glossy painting or high end PVC laminatedPiano glossy painting or high end PVC laminatedfinishPiano glossy painting or high end PVC laminated
Input:3.5mm Stereo; RCA; Optical 1&2; Bluetooth3.5mm Stereo; RCA Line/RCA Phono MM; Optical 1&2; BluetoothRCA Line 1&2 / Optical / Bluetooth
Frequency Response:40Hz-30KHz40Hz-30KHz35Hz-30KHz
Amplifier Power:2x80W2x80W2x80W
Remote Control:YESYESYES

  • Description:
    Active 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker System
  • Amplifier:
    Class D
  • Voltage:
    100-240V~, 50/60Hz
  • Output:
    RCA Sub out
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