On-wall speaker with AMT
On-wall speaker with AMT

The OW series is a 2-way and 3-way in-wall speaker with dual high excursion 5.25 and  6.5 inch woofers and a AMT(Air Motion Transformer). 

This combination provides the utmost flexibility in terms of configuration and suitability to different types of audio tastes. From providing relaxed background music to a high impact multi-channel home theater system, the IW series is built with carefully selected components and rigorous design to deliver exceptional value and performance.


Simple to install and the cloth grille color is optional to match to your existing wall color.

Description:2-way on-wall speaker3-way on-wall speaker3-way on-wall speaker
HF:Air Motion TransformerAir Motion TransformerAir Motion Transformer
1x4´´ paper cone2 x 4´´ paper cone
LF:2 x 5.25´´ paper cone 2 x 6.5´´ paper cone2 x 6.5´´ paper cone
Front panel:Matte/glossy painting in any colorMatte/glossy painting in any colorMatte/glossy painting in any color
Grille:cloth grille in any colorcloth grille in any colorcloth grille in any color
Measurements:W240 X H500 X D100mmW320 X H730 X D115mmW320 X H830 X D115mm

  • Description:
    On-wall speaker
  • HF Driver:
    Air Motion Transformer
  • Mid Driver:
    4-inch paper cone
  • Woofer:
    5.25 or 6.5-inch paper cone
  • Grille material:
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