The DP3/DP3BT active monitors bring that same standard of audio fidelity right to your desktop. DP3/DP3BT active desktop monitors offer powerful amplifier, custom-tuned cabinets, optimized speaker design, and advanced crossover technology to deliver the best sound you can get in monitors this size. The DP3/DP3BT have been designed and tested by veteran audio engineers to meet your needs in a desktop audio monitoring environment,which deliver great audio experience from your music and multimedia applications.

In addition to the main RCA input in the back, the DP3/DP3BT monitors´ front stereo Aux input makes it easy to plug from front side for maximum flexibility. On DP3BT, it is also equiped with Bluetooth input. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can go wireless and stream audio straightly to your monitors.

The speakers´ volume control works on all of the inputs simultaneously. Additionally, a stereo headphones output next to the aux jack on the front side of the speaker also facilitate you to plug the headphones when necessary.   


Description:Media Reference MonitorsBluetooth Media Reference Monitors
LF Driver:3"3"
HF Driver:1"1"
Frequency Response:100 Hz - 20 kHz ±3 dB100 Hz - 20 kHz ±3 dB
Crossover Frequency:2.3 kHz2.3 kHz
Amplifiers Type:Class DClass D
Input Connectors:RCA, AUXRCA, AUX, Bluetooth
Bluetooth Standard:/V5.2
Input Impedance:10 k Ω unbalanced10 k Ω unbalanced
Output: Headphones outHeadphones out
Dynamic Power:10 watts RMS into 4 Ω per channel10 watts RMS into 4 Ω per channel
Power Requirements:100-120V/~60Hz

  • Description:
    (Bluetooth)Media Reference Monitors
  • LF Driver:
  • HF Driver:
  • Frequency Response:
    100 Hz - 20 kHz ±3 dB
  • Crossover Frequency:
    2.3 kHz
  • Amplifiers Type:
    Class D
  • Input Impedance:
    10 k Ω unbalanced
  • Output:
    Headphones out
  • Dynamic Power:
    10 watts RMS into 4 Ω per channel
  • Power Requirements:
    100-120V/~60Hz 220~240V/~50Hz
  • Dimensions:
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