Yes, we do love audio and had great passion for it. From new product development to the music we listen to, we live and breathe the science of sound every day. It’s what we have done for 15 years and counting. Our team of audio geeks continues to dedicate every day to exceeding your expectations and building world-class drivers & audio systems for consumer audio and professional audio market.

Engineering Team
Electronic / Acoustic / Mechanical & industrial

Electronic engineering:

The members in Dragon engineering team most have 15+ years of experience in consumer and professional audio electronics. Knowledgeable of the processes/lead times for electronic engineering and software development. Comprehensive understanding of inter dependencies of these disciplines when implementing integrated hardware and software solutions. They have extensive expertise in Analog, Digital & Digitally Controlled Analog, DSP programming, product design and manufacturing.

 Electro acoustic engineering:

We are specializing in electro acoustic system development and transducer design experience over 15+ years. From high end studio monitors to affordable home hi-fi and headphones. We are the inventor and always curious to developing new technologies.

Mechanical and industrial design team:

With 15+ years of experience in mechanical and industrial design including: hands-on industrial design work, prototyping, CMF development, management of mechanical engineering deliverables, and communication with customization base.

Sales Team
Focus on a mutually successful result

Sales forces in Dragon have strong business development and project management with many years of managerial experience leading sales, marketing, and business development, working close with design/product team and establishing great relationships with international customers as they can speak good English with excellent communication skills, for example:

- Establishing solid business relationships and fully developing new and existing accounts;

- Preparing quotes, visit reports and follow up visits;

- Keep customers updated with samples,project schedule, and provide customers with any spec changes on relevant products;

- Confirm product and packaging in detail before preparing material;

- Liaising with customers on PP (pilot production) till MP (mass production) finish successfully;

- Arrange all shipping matters and documents;

- Provide effective assistance for after sale service; 

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